Alisha Crossley

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Writer. Podcast Host. Mentor.

Alisha Crossley 


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Mary Marantz

“Alisha is a powerful storyteller! And that’s the thing about someone who has done the hard work to reckon with their own story… they become a safe place to land for other people to share their stories too. With grit, honesty, and HEART, Alisha is pointing the way for a generation of women to show up… show up polished, show up imperfect, show up every which way in between."

author of Dirt 


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Join us as we explore a world of topics, a few tears and a ton of laughs! 

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Meet Alisha


After an initial focus on literary arts, Alisha became enraptured by an author’s ability to spin words to life on paper, inspiring her to obtain a BA in English/ Art and MA in Secondary Education. With her own narrative still in development, Alisha focused on the art of storytelling - using both pen and paper and a camera and darkroom. Over the last decade, Alisha has used these mediums to capture stories most notably as an award winning photographer. 

Curator of beautiful stories, vintage clothing and french antiques. She and her husband Patrick have been married for seventeen years. They share three little ones, two cats and one dog in Mountain Brook, AL. 

“Here’s the thing: The book that will most change your life is the one you write.”

Alisha is currently writing her first book - a memoir reconciling the brokenness and beauty of a childhood dictated by intergenerational trauma.

- seth godin

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mary ashley twitty

As someone who has personally benefitted first hand from Alisha's mentoring I am SO excited that she has started this podcast to share her story, guidance and FUN with the world! 

I am SO excited that she has started this podcast to share her story.

vanessa kynes

Alisha has incredible talent and makes the most mundane things beautiful with her images, but she's more than a sweet face behind the camera. I love her candid authenticity and her raw life experiences. 

Listening to Alisha reminds me that perfect isn't ideal - real & raw are!

shauna cooney

If you have any reservations, don't. Alisha is the real deal (no matter where you are in your business), and that is hard to find.

Alisha is the real deal!

laura eddy

Alisha will teach you how to add value to your business in ways that you've never thought of before and will give you the guidance each step of the way as you begin implementing what you've learned. 

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