Could It Be ADHD? |

Could It Be ADHD?

Could it be ADHD

Did you know in the last 5 years that ADHD diagnosis has risen 85% in women ages 25-36??

Alisha Crossley shares personal stories and perspective on her past and current experiences with her mental health. She was recently diagnosed with ADHD and in this episode she talks about how she is currently dealing with this and encouraging others to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to their mental health. She talks in the different ways ADHD can present itself. She wants to help women to be more aware and that there is needed education and information that women need more access to. This is also an important episode for people to listen to if they have a loved one that might be struggling with ADHD. It’s important to understand it and how we can best support them. If you liked this episode, share your thoughts or favorite parts with Alisha on Instagram at the links below.

Could it be ADHD
Could it be ADHD
Could it be ADHD
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