ADHD Tax: How Much Is ADHD Costing YOU? |

ADHD Tax: How Much Is ADHD Costing YOU?

ADHD Tax: How Much Is ADHD Costing YOU?

Do people call you forgetful? Or do you feel like you forget to do things on a daily basis, no matter how much you want to remember.  Not the out of the ordinary things, but things like losing track of time, forgetting about your food in the refrigerator, forgetting that you bought a new outfit or appliance and find it weeks later? Then you might have ADHD.

Today, I will talk about how ADHD takes a toll on my life on a daily basis. How I manage to run a successful business, despite my struggles with ADHD.  I will also give you a little insight into how the brain works, and by knowing this it helped me understand that my problem was much bigger than being just forgetful, but it was a real scientific reason behind my behaviors and my inability to manage time.    

As discussed in the episode, I would like to provide you with a free guide filled with useful tips and strategies to help with your ADHD symptoms!

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