Marlayna Glynn on Working with A Ghost Writer |

Marlayna Glynn on Working with A Ghost Writer

Episode 41: Marlayna Glynn on Working with A Ghost Writer

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marlayna Glynn, a Memoirist and Publisher.  She is an award-winning storyteller on page, film, and photography and she is the creator of Birthright Books, LLC, a writing and publishing house dedicated to the art of creating memoirs.

Marlayna was so interesting to talk to, not only do I admire her work, but I admire the way she approaches her writing. Her love and determination to put her stories and the stories of her clients out into the world was fascinating. It was very interesting to me how she can interconnect memories into stories, to reflect the true authentic life story of the people that she writes for as a ghostwriter.

Additional topics we will discuss in this episode:

  • The process to getting your ideas in a format that is best for a book.
  • Writing a memoir, even if you are not a writer.
  • What do I include and not include in a story?
  • How does a ghostwriter work?
  • Spiritual guidance

It was a joy to interview Marlayna and discuss so many topics and life experiences that we have in common. I know I gained a lot of great information that will help me with my continued journey of writing my memoir.

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