ADHD and Focusing on being Hyper Focused |

ADHD and Focusing on being Hyper Focused

Could it be ADHD

On today’s episode I’m focusing on being hyper focused. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I’ve had a real learning journey since the diagnosis to try to manage my condition and to understand how my brain works. I want to encourage you to get to know yourself too, so that you can function better in your relationships and in your business and find out how to work from your magic. Once you get rid of limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities, you can start to achieve the things you want from life

Did you know that up until 2002, women weren’t included in generalized studies of ADHD? Presentations of ADHD in women are quite different, and it can often go undiagnosed because little girls don’t tend to cause problems in the classroom, so they rarely get specialist referrals. They can often ‘pass’ as neurotypical, and it’s not until later in life when their ADHD really starts to cause a problem, when they’re juggling work, family, relationships, and other responsibilities. This was exactly my story, as I thought that my ADHD was anxiety, and that my anxiety was preventing me from focusing on my children and relaxing with my family. Since my diagnosis, I’ve turned my ADHD around and used my hyperfocus to succeed in my business, and to learn more about my condition. 

In this episode, I walk you through my mental process since the diagnosis. I also share three behavioral tendencies that are part of an ADHD diagnosis. I want you to think about whether any of these tendencies are present in your life, as if so, they could be worth talking to a medical professional about, so that you can start to get the help you may need. 

Episode 14: 3 Things I Had NO Idea Were Connected to ADHD
Could it be ADHD
Episode 14: 3 Things I Had NO Idea Were Connected to ADHD
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