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The place you’re at now?
I’ve been there before. For decades, I wore my accolades like armor–external badges of success and acceptance.
I masked through the pain and self doubt hoping, praying, no one would notice. 

I spent so many years trying to be like them that I lost site on fully being me. With time and experience, the flimsy trophies and ribbons gave way, exposing my deepest hurts and hidden shame. I stood present with those wounds during that season and slowly began to see the beauty and brokenness within me, within my story, that I was convinced couldn't coexist. In the open air, my uncovered wounds began to heal. Through real community, prayer, self discovery and therapy, I took my story back. 

Here’s what I believe: 

You deserve to live a life without shame. You deserve to be freed from the burden of worthiness–because you are inherently worthy. You deserve to find your own healing balm in this life, with a coach and community to support you while you do it. 

Helping female entrepreneurs
write              success story one chapter at a time. 




worth leading

Ready to build a life AND business worth leading?

I’m Alisha Crossley and I have helped countless creatives just like you grow their profits while finding more time to show up in their daily lives. 

Recently while watching The Holiday (again), Arthur's advice to Kate Winslet's character Iris struck a nerve.

Arthur: Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason, you're behaving like you're the best friend. 
Iris: You're so right. You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God's sake...

We've been so focused on guiding our clients, mothering our children and serving those around us, that we've lost site of the story we set out to create. Stuck in conflict, desperate for a resolution, you hand the proverbial pen to anyone willing to write.

But this is YOUR story, friend.
YOU are a leading lady.

And it is time we get the pen back in your hand.

As a coach, I help women like you take back your role as the main character.  Guiding you back to a place perhaps you've abandoned in the name of doing. It's time we get back to being.

       are the leading lady of this story. It's time you start believing it, too.


"Above all, be the heroine of your life,
not the victim." 

- Nora Ephron

Crystal leffel

I have started relationships with planners I didn't have before, have been recognized by other planners & are started to attract my dream clients that are excited to work with me and the experience I provided."

Since the coaching program I have had a 100% success rate of booking clients

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Mary Marantz

“Alisha is a powerful storyteller! And that’s the thing about someone who has done the hard work to reckon with their own story… they become a safe place to land for other people to share their stories too. With grit, honesty, and HEART, Alisha is pointing the way for a generation of women to show up… show up polished, show up imperfect, show up every which way in between."

And that’s the thing about someone who has done the hard work to reckon with their own story… they become a safe place to land for other people to share their stories too. 

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beth hill

She is thoughtful, practical, strategic and the biggest cheerleader I needed to take the leap to be serious about my niche and serving my clients.... now I get excited about meeting with clients because I know that I can bring them so much value to their experience.

Alisha has changed the longevity of my business. I am three years in and was well on my way to burn out. 

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Alisha has a beautiful gift of helping people unpack and share their stories while helping them reclaim the role of main character. It’s not just about the story for Alisha. It’s also about helping people realize that they are the hero of it.”

- Sharon Hundley


In an industry where everything appears PERFECTLY polished, Alisha shares the raw struggles of owning a business and challenging complexities we often believe we shoulder alone. You won’t find simple marketing advice or how to grow an email list here, friend. You WILL find belonging, community, scrappy tips from those who’ve walked in your shoes and guests will proudly share their lessons. 

Imperfectly Polished is a safe place for the female entrepreneur to slide off the mask … sit a while and relish in the beauty of authenticity. Join us as we explore a world of topics, a few tears and a ton of laughs! 

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