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Suzanne Glover is the author of Be a Video Influencer: Reinvent your life and Business as a Midlife Movie Star, as well as a video influencer coach, and speaker. She teaches the secrets of connecting and influencing through the camera for greater audience engagement. 


Dr. Shannon Joyce Prince shares her experience as a lawyer and community advocate for minority groups to provide you with tools to advocate for the changes you want and inducing systemic world transformation in the world at the level you are.


Sandy Vo is a Meditation Teacher and the Founder of Royal Glow Meditation Retreat.Her signature transformation program is called Prosperous: School of Self-realization, a 90-day integrative breakthrough experience for modern-day leaders.


Stefanie Stahl, a psychotherapist, author and coach. She is a best-selling author and Germany’s number 1 psychotherapist. She is the author of The Child in You, which has almost sold 2 million copies worldwide.


There are so many national celebration days, from National Hugging Day to National Coffee Day. But today we are going to talk about The Toss Away the Could Haves and Should Haves day. The day was created by Dr. Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, a motivational speaker and author.


Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Tom Gentry. We are going to be diving a little deeper today into the expectations of young men. We will talk about how young men are expected to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives at the early age of 18.


I would like to welcome Tom Gentry, the host of The Path to Authenticity podcast, to the show. We will be discussing “Modern Day Manhood.” What does modern day manhood really mean? Have men really changed over the years?


With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to make sure and cover how mental health has affected me and how important it is to be not only aware of your mental state, but to get help when you are needing mental health support.


I was at an amazing retreat last week, and I thought what a great place to have another Cocktails and Convo session with Beth Hill, from Elizabeth Hill Photography, and Rachael Knaak, from Harp and Olive Photography.


We will start off this segment of the interview by talking with Christopher about more recent projects and life events. We will discuss the loss of a dear family member and how being a planner helped him to make it through these tough times.



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Meet Alisha


After an initial focus on literary arts, Alisha became enraptured by an author’s ability to spin words to life on paper, inspiring her to obtain a BA in English/ Art and MA in Secondary Education. With her own narrative still in development, Alisha focused on the art of storytelling - using both pen and paper and a camera and darkroom. Over the last decade, Alisha has used these mediums to capture stories most notably as an award winning photographer. 

Curator of beautiful stories, vintage clothing and french antiques. She and her husband Patrick have been married for seventeen years. They share three little ones, two cats and one dog in Mountain Brook, AL. 

“Here’s the thing: The book that will most change your life is the one you write.”

Alisha is currently writing her first book - a memoir reconciling the brokenness and beauty of a childhood dictated by intergenerational trauma.

- seth godin


In an industry where everything appears PERFECTLY polished, Alisha shares the raw struggles of owning a business and challenging complexities we often believe we shoulder alone. You won’t find simple marketing advice or how to grow an email list here, friend. You WILL find belonging, community, scrappy tips from those who’ve walked in your shoes and guests will proudly share their lessons. 

Imperfectly Polished is a safe place for the female entrepreneur to slide off the mask … sit a while and relish in the beauty of authenticity. Join us as we explore a world of topics, a few tears and a ton of laughs! 

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