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Lauren Pearson and Emily Lassiter, Co-Founders of The Wealth Edit are here today bringing their knowledge and financial guidance to help women realize the importance of understanding their finances, and how to plan and use their money for current and future projects.


Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Tom Gentry. We are going to be diving a little deeper today into the expectations of young men. We will talk about how young men are expected to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives at the early age of 18.


I would like to welcome Tom Gentry, the host of The Path to Authenticity podcast, to the show. We will be discussing “Modern Day Manhood.” What does modern day manhood really mean? Have men really changed over the years?


Are you feeling like your routine is all over the place? Are you overwhelmed with all the things on your “to do” list and don’t have enough time to get it all done? Well this episode is full of all the golden nuggets and tips to help you get some relief and control over your time again!


Do you ever get super overwhelmed by all the things you are juggling in your business?? Well there is a way to stop feeling so overworked and still see success in your business! It’s called automation! In this episode, I chat with Krissy Chin who is an expert in all things automation


A few episodes ago, I shared with you all that I found out I had ADHD. In this episode, I get to chat with Cathy Rashidian, who also has ADHD and coaches people with this same diagnosis. It’s a great discussion about the ups and downs of having ADHD but also the strength that comes […]


In this episode of Imperfectly Polished, Elizabeth Davis of Elizabeth Austin Photography joins me in an open, raw discussion about the struggle of gender inequality.


In this episode, Mary and Alisha share stories, laughter and tears about finding success in a luxury market despite (or is it thanks to??) their impoverished beginnings.



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Meet Alisha


After an initial focus on literary arts, Alisha became enraptured by an author’s ability to spin words to life on paper, inspiring her to obtain a BA in English/ Art and MA in Secondary Education. With her own narrative still in development, Alisha focused on the art of storytelling - using both pen and paper and a camera and darkroom. Over the last decade, Alisha has used these mediums to capture stories most notably as an award winning photographer. 

Curator of beautiful stories, vintage clothing and french antiques. She and her husband Patrick have been married for seventeen years. They share three little ones, two cats and one dog in Mountain Brook, AL. 

“Here’s the thing: The book that will most change your life is the one you write.”

Alisha is currently writing her first book - a memoir reconciling the brokenness and beauty of a childhood dictated by intergenerational trauma.

- seth godin


In an industry where everything appears PERFECTLY polished, Alisha shares the raw struggles of owning a business and challenging complexities we often believe we shoulder alone. You won’t find simple marketing advice or how to grow an email list here, friend. You WILL find belonging, community, scrappy tips from those who’ve walked in your shoes and guests will proudly share their lessons. 

Imperfectly Polished is a safe place for the female entrepreneur to slide off the mask … sit a while and relish in the beauty of authenticity. Join us as we explore a world of topics, a few tears and a ton of laughs! 

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